Our Capabilities

We are not just a slogan.

We have been helping our customers for years with real application cases, each one with its own complexity and diversity.


This EXPERIENCE has helped us develop our unique knowledge and capabilities.

  • Advanced Hardware Design, Protocols and Communications

    In addition to integrating all types of commercial hardware, we develop complex custom hardware with proven durability. Design, Certification and Pre-industrialization. We offer essential support for the long-term life cycle of the project.

  • Integration of Technologies

    3D Printing, 5G, Robotics, Blockchain, Drones, Digital Twins... Our technicians can integrate any technology that our customers demand.

  • Computer Vision & Edge Computing

    We are living in a new era, where devices have capabilities that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Computer Vision and applied AI solutions are becoming more and more powerful, and we know them well.


    SNGULAR collaborates with leading microcontroller manufacturers to develop TinyML-type solutions, a field with great potential for executing data analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms directly on highly miniaturized sensor nodes at very low cost and with extraordinarily low power consumption.


    The mastery of this type of technology enables SNGULAR to develop intelligent solutions that allow continuous monitoring of signals of different natures in environments that are difficult to access, while also generating responses to critical events with minimum latency. One example of application is the predictive maintenance of equipment and infrastructures, whether industrial, transport or energy distribution.

  • Extended Reality & Digital Twins

    Technically, a Digital Twin is an exact digital replica of a product, service, or process. This allows us to test its correct performance without having to build expensive prototypes. The implementation of real time simulation, enabled by graphic computing, combined with VR/AR technologies, have together multiple valuable applications for industrial enterprises.


    The collaboration between our team and SNGULAR Studios helps make us stand out from the crowd. This is because, the SNGULAR Studios team has deep expertise in these technologies and, over many years, have developed their own technologies that make our solutions truly unique and tailor-made.


  • Tech Education & Training

    Professionals do not acquire the required knowledge to develop IoT projects through traditional educational paths, like telecommunications, industrial engineering, computer science, etc. At SNGULAR, we’ve been training these professionals for years, in everything from communication, to protocols, cloud, HW & SW development, robotics, drones, 3D printing and virtual environments.


    We do it in an eminently practical way, not just in the lab but by getting our professionals involved in real-world cases. This allows us to provide our clients with the necessary professionals when they need them, making sure all the needs in terms of experience and technological knowledge are fully covered.

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